Medical Technology Developments

Advancements in medical technology have improved the success of surgical procedures, and the field of cosmetic surgery is no different. it is important to have accurate and detailed knowledge of the anatomy of each patient, and emerging technologies are one way to achieve this.

Medical Technology and Cosmetic Surgery


With plastic surgery, where most of the surgical outcomes are directly connected to the patient’s external appearance, augmented reality is becoming an essential factor. The developments in computer graphics and sensors have allowed virtual and augmented reality to bring new opportunities

It has permitted diagnostic and operative techniques utilized in reconstructive plastic as well as aesthetic surgeries to use 3D imaging, which gives patients the experience of seeing what the final results might be.  It also lets the patient and physician to develop a plan that will offer peace of mind and higher chance of a satisfactory conclusion.

This site explains how the imaging works for patients interested in breast augmentation surgery:

3D Plastic Surgery Imaging

This software functions as follows, and all this can be done without leaving the comfort of the patient’s home.

Step One
The patient can send a picture of her breasts to the surgeon who will send back a 3D image of what her breasts will look like after the augmentation. Part of the process allows the patient to express her breast augmentation desires in terms of volume, cc, and types of implants.
Step Two

3D Medical Imagery


When our surgeons receive the patient’s wishes and her initial uploaded “before” 3D breast photos, they then select what they deem the most appropriate breast implant options.
Step Three
3D images of the patient’s new breasts are simulated and made accessible to the patient via the web at home, with views from any desired angle.
All this is done without the patient going to the surgeon’s office.
Step Four
The final step after the patient sees the “after” 3D images is the actual visit with the surgeon in person to discuss the procedure and schedule her breast enhancement surgery.

See the full post here:  Breast : Facial Surgery Before, After | 3D Plastic Surgery Imaging

A state-of-the-art system that lets patients view the changes in real time is called the Illusio System. It is especially advantageous with breast surgery, as those who are interested in breast reduction or augmentation want to be able to visualize the potential results.

ILLUSIO’s software provides a real-time simulation of a patients desired look. It also allows surgeons to improve the consultation phase by visually demonstrating how different implant sizes and shapes can affect their patients’ profile.

This video provides more information on augmented reality and cosmetic surgery:

Because everything comes with a price tag, you have to wonder how much it will cost to have this type of consultation. According to Illusio Imaging, the cost for the patient is nothing; it’s the surgeon who has to incur the expense of the technology.

However, I’m sure that this cost is passed on to the clients in the form of a increased charges for the overall experience. I would agree with the following statement by the National institute of Biotechnology Information, which states the price of technology lowers as production and competition increase:

Surgeons are regularly on the lookout for technologies that will enhance their operating environment. They are often the early adopters of technologies Cost of Medical Technologythat allow their field to offer a better surgical and patient experience. Examples of such innovations include fibre-optics which allowed for the advent of minimal access surgery and robotic surgery which lead to developments of systems such as the da Vinci robot over a decade ago. These tools have historically come at a considerable cost but over the last decade have become cheaper and increasingly available.

Augmented and virtual reality in surgery—the digital surgical environment: applications, limitations and legal pitfalls

With all surgeries, advancements with augmented reality will help both the patient and surgeon to enjoy a higher degree of success. It assists with diagnosis and treatments, as well as assisting medical practitioners with training and education.