What is Deep Penetrating Light Therapy?

A treatment that was Initially developed by NASA for astronauts in space, light therapy has evolved from being managed by healthcare professionals to a technique available for the general population via FDA-cleared devices. Deep penetrating light (DPL) equipment uses the beneficial spectrums of light that generate the desired results.

Benefits of deep penetrating light therapy

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We’ve known for years that sunlight has harmful rays that can damage the skin, but other spectrums of this form of energy are safe and create positive results. Separating out the good from the bad is the key to deep penetrating light therapy and their LED light products.

This post discusses more on how the lights in DPL are beneficial for anti-aging and minimizing wrinkles:

Anti-Aging Treatment

Infrared and Deep Red lights in combination deliver a soothing regeneration effect to aging skin. These light spectrums penetrate deep into the dermis layers, stimulating fibroblast that generate production of Collagen and Elastin resulting in the general reduction and reversal of fine lines and wrinkles along with firm plump skin texture. The reVive Light Therapy® Anti-Aging treatment also provides a soothing effect to the external layers of skin, enhancing natural coloration while reducing the signs of aging due to blemishes, sun and age spots.

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Advantages of DPL

Other benefits of deep penetrating light therapy besides wrinkle reduction are:

  • Acne Treatment
  • Pain Relief and Recovery
  • Oral Care

These are all issues that many people experience, causing various levels of anxiety, stress, and even depression. When you have chronic pain, the typical treatments for arthritis, carpal tunnel, or neck and back problems don’t always provide results.

This video shows DPL slippers at work for foot paint with anyone on their feet all day:

As mentioned above, neck and back pain can be debilitating.  In fact, one half of Americans admit to having back and neck pain each year and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

If you could find a natural way to get relief, it might be a great alternative to opioids, which are addictive and a major problem all across the U.S. The DPL neck pillow in this next video offers a unique solution:

The products mentioned in the above videos are completely portable and can provide relief quickly and safely. They have been proven to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, accelerate healing, and relieve pain.

Other uses such as moderate acne treatment are accomplished with the blue light spectrum and are shown to have powerful anti-bacterial properties. Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil glands, and soothe inflammation.

For oral care, the results provide whiter teeth, fresher breath, and reduced gum bleeding/pain. It can even work with dentures and crowns.

According to the Mayo Clinic, light therapy can also be used to treat:DPL wrist wrap

  • SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
  • Types of depression that don’t occur seasonally
  • Jet lag
  • Sleep disorders
  • Adjusting to a nighttime work schedule
  • Dementia

There are a number of sites that sell deep penetrating light products. It is a small investment compared to other options and has shown a high rate of success.