Many people dream of being a movie star, walking on the red carpet, and mingling with the rich and famous.  Our culture is obsessed with celebrities and their curious lifestyles. With thisMovie Star Cartoon status comes a lot of pressure to look perfect, so the topic of celebrity makeovers is a well-documented one.

The history of plastic surgery began with helping burn victims, usually soldiers, return to a more normal life by using skin grafts. But guess what the first actual cosmetic surgical procedure was? A breast reconstruction done in 1895, which was performed by transplanting tissue from the back to the breast to correct asymmetry.

Today, breast augmentation and implants are still the top surgery performed in the celebrity makeover world.  But, the stats from 2013 show that other surgeries also made a surge in popularity.  Butt augmentation and neck lifts increased as did other more bizarre surgeries such as dimple creation, jawline reduction, and 6-pack formation, also known as liposculpture.

Of the non-invasive type surgeries, Botox still ranks at the top, but soft tissue filler, also known as dermal filler or injectable filler, grew the most in 2013. This procedure can not only plump up thin lips, soften and smooth facial creases and wrinkles, and elevate and fill deep folds, but it also can improve the appearance of facial scars and imperfections from injury or acne.

Isolating a specific body part is also growing in popularity, especially with the younger crowd. A neck lift, forehead lift, mid-face lift, eyelid surgery, or chin surgery can minimize the effects of aging and offer a fresher, more youthful look. Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is still high on the wish list for both women and men.

With total makeovers on the rise, wanting to mimic a celebrity’s looks is maybe a little controversial but similar to cutting out hairstyles from a magazine to bring to your hairdresser.  If you desire a certain look, bringing in pictures of your celebrity inspiration can help the plastic surgeon get a better idea of what it is you want from your surgery. Just be sure and do your research to find a credible doctor who will sit down with you and set up a strategy to reach your ideal goals.