Is Dimpleplasty Worth It?

Some lucky people inherit them genetically, but others have to acquire cosmetic surgery for dimples. A natural dimple is due to a small opening in a muscle in the cheek, known as the buccinator muscle.

Cosmetic Surgery For Dimples

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Even though it is actually considered a defect in the musculature, many people see it as a highly appealing and endearing trait. It can be created with a minimally invasive surgical procedure called a dimpleplasty.

In the world of celebrities and Hollywood CA, there are a lot of people yearning for the look, but is it worth the effort:

Most people would agree that dimples are attractive – cases in point: Harry Styles, Miranda Kerr and Ariana Grande – but having them artificially created is a drastic step to take.

“The reason some people have dimples and others don’t is that they are born with a tight connection between the facial muscles and skin, while others just don’t have this kind of anatomy,” New York plastic surgeon Darren Smith told Allure magazine.

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How Does It Work?

Dimple creation surgery is a quick, relatively painless, outpatient procedure. The initial results of dimpleplasty can be a lot more exaggerated than desired, even though there is no obvious appearance of surgery from the outside.

A natural dimple only occurs when a person smiles, but with the surgery there can be a perpetual dimple. Over time, though, the muscles relax and the indention isn’t as noticeable.

This video shares the results of a patient who is happy with her dimpleplasty:

The sutures from the procedure dissolves in a couple weeks, allowing the skin to soften, so normally the recovery time is minimal. As mentioned in the video, bruising and redness are also factors, but improvements can vary from a few days to several weeks depending how well you heal and the extent of tissue removed.

Celebs like Miranda Kerr and Sam Claflin, who have natural dimples, are envied by many but especially the millennial generation. The popularity is trending among this age group, making the cost rise as well.

What are you looking at for a price tag to have this surgery done?

Typical costs of dimpleplasty

Cost of Dimpleplasty

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Dimple creation typically costs $1,500-$2,500, depending on whether the patient gets one dimple or two. For example, Gal Aharanov, M.D.[1] , in Beverly Hills, CA, charges $1,500 for one dimple and $2,500 for two. And Mehta Plastic Surgery[2] in Atherton, CA, charges $1,795 for one and $2,495 for two.
Dimple creation is considered a cosmetic procedure, so it would not be covered by health insurance.

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Dimples can help to brighten a smile and add character, but do your research before having any work done. Be sure to speak with a qualified Southern California plastic surgeon before you commit to having any cosmetic procedure performed.