Developing new ways to help people look their best is part of what makes the cosmetic surgical field so exciting and competitive. Figuring out a technique to double the benefit is even better. The surgeons in this article came up with a method of removing unwanted fat from one area of a body and using it to augment another area. This avoids the need for synthetic products that can be rejected more easily by the body.

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Abdominal dermal-fat grafts for buttock augmentation | Cosmetic Surgery TimesFemale Backside

As U.S. demand for augmentation gluteoplasty continues to grow, plastic surgeons are exploring novel techniques for meeting that demand.

With this in mind, three plastic surgeons—Gary Brownstein, M.D., Berlin, N.J., and Claude Muresan, M.D., and Samir Shureih, M.D., both of Baltimore—conducted a study to validate one of those techniques: The abdominal dermal-fat graft augmentation gluteoplasty.

The authors retrospectively reviewed a series of lower abdominal dermal-fat graft augmentation gluteoplasties. They focused on nine female patients, with a mean age of 46, who had undergone abdominoplasty or torsoplasty in which two oval dermal-fat grafts were excised, de-epithelialized and then implanted into subfascial gluteal pockets for augmentation.

The mean dermal-graft size was 188 cm2, the mean graft weight, 288 g. One complication occurred: A graft became infected and required excision 39 days after the procedure. The authors report that all surviving grafts provided a substantial increase in posterior projection and long-lasting gluteal volume.

“Large-volume dermis fat graft obtained from an abdominoplasty procedure has proven to be a good alternative for buttock-enhancement surgery, with minimal to no loss of volume over the long term,” Dr. Shureih tells Cosmetic Surgery Times. “A dermis fat graft derived from abdominoplasty has the advantage of contouring the abdomen and enhancing the buttocks in one procedure.”

The study was published in the November 2014 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Abdominal dermal-fat grafts for buttock augmentation | Cosmetic Surgery Times

This is a short video that shows the resulting figure of two women who had a Brazilian butt lift.  This is a technique which contours the body by removing fat from areas such as back, abdomen, thighs, and hips and transferring it to the buttocks area. It provides what is referred to as the S curve shape.