All I Want For Christmas Is A Complete Makeover

Some people wish for clothes for Christmas and others wish for expensive toys, like a new computer or car. There are even some who wish for peace on Earth and goodwill towards men. But how about those that write to Santa about getting a breast augmentation?

Gifting a Cosmetic Procedure

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Surprisingly, there are more people than you think that are asking St. Nick for a cosmetic procedure. Maybe your sister indicated she would love a Botox treatment this year, or your mom hinted that she could really use a laser hair removal visit to the local spa.

The most common person who grants the gift of eternal youth is the husband. Significantly more women choose to “go under the knife”, and this post elaborates on this fact:

The most common buyers are husbands—and the gift cards are often for breast augmentation for their wives, says Mills. “Younger husbands are more likely to do this as a surprise; with more mature, older couples, the wife will often initiate and say, ‘Hey, why don’t we do this for Christmas?’ Obviously communication is key. For this to really work well, it should be when they’ve already talked about it in some way.” Doctors have a chance to suss that out during the consultations and exam prior to a surgery. “The first time we see the patients isn’t the day of surgery—that would be ludicrous,” says Mills. A good surgeon will vet a patient especially well if they’re coming in with a gift card to make sure that this procedure is something the patient wants and that he or she is not being pressured into it by a partner.

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Why is the Gift of Plastic Surgery on the Rise?

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year and with all the festivities and Christmas parties, it’s also a very social time. Photos are taken at these special events, so everyone wants to look their best. Some people opt for a new hairstyle or outfit to impress their friends, family, and coworkers, but others choose to take it to the next level.

The concept of giving a cosmetic makeover gift isn’t always the husband’s idea. In some cases, over-protective moms are the culprits:

The conversation regarding whether a mother should just support and encourage her daughter to be happy in her own skin as opposed to making her feel as if she needs to make some visual changes to help boost her opportunities in the job or love-life arena is a controversial subject.

Obviously, most of the women in the video thought it was going too far, but there is something to be said about our country’s inclination toward beautiful people receiving more favorable treatment. No matter what others think, though, the key is to feel good and be happy from within.

Small Town America and Cosmetic Surgery

Is gifting a cosmetic procedure typical all across the United States or more of a big city trend?:

“People find themselves with a little more time off for recovery from surgical procedures,” said Dr. Terry Higgins, a partner in Anson and Higgins. “It’s also

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures

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party season, when everyone’s out and about and being seen more than normal. Or people may be seeing relatives they haven’t seen for a while. They want to look their best, so they get noninvasive quick fixes that can help them look good rapidly.”

For the skeptics out there, what’s interesting about all of these trend pieces is that the data typically originates with plastic surgeons (who obviously have self-interest in promoting cosmetic surgery and holiday surgery gifting as trends), and that most of the surgeons and patients cited are located in big cities like New York and Chicago (so, presumably, the idea quite as hot in small-town America).

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In California, where actors and models are a big part of the population, cosmetic surgeries are commonplace in cities like Anaheim, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco. Beauty is highly coveted in these sunny areas with plenty of sandy beaches and social hotspots.

There are still some limits to what is considered appropriate, so you would be wise to only give the gift of plastic surgery to a close family member or spouse. Talk to an Anaheim plastic surgeon today to set up your consultation.