Developments In Heart Health

The topic of healthcare is significant with people in the U.S. and worldwide. This trillion-dollar business plays a critical role in how consumers access their medical management and at CES 2018, there was plenty of discussion regarding this topic, so here are some of our favorites.

Healthcare Innovations at CES 2018

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

What are the newest high-tech healthcare innovations at CES 2018 that are transforming preventative and personal healthcare? One example is Qardio who touts the world’s first personal medical grade ECG monitor that can track your complete heart health on your smartphone.

With this wearable device, you are able to share the data automatically with your doctor using medically accurate electrocardiograph trace, offering deeper heart health insights.  Founded in 2012, Qardio was inspired due to a lack of affordable cutting-edge solutions in personal healthcare.

This post provides more information on what products Qardio highlighted:

During CES, Qardio will be showcasing its award-winning digital health products, including the recently launched QardioBase 2, our sleek, design-forward second-generation smart scale and body analyzer; QardioCore, our CE Mark approved, first of its kind, wearable, wireless ECG monitor; and QardioArm, our smart blood pressure monitor. Paired with its AI-based patient-doctor portal, QardioMD, these products help users and doctors remotely monitor their heart health.

Qardio to exhibit at CES 2018 and speak at Digital Health Summit

Sun Exposure Monitoring

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Sun Exposure Monitor

Wearables aren’t anything new these days, but a UV sensor that can be worn on a fingernail, a pair of sunglasses or any other item that’s exposed to sunlight is a valuable idea. The L’Oreal UV Sense is reusable, battery-free, and works with an app to keep users aware of their exposure to the sun.

Originally a patch, the founders choose to make it smaller, last longer and look better so people would be more willing to wear it. The UV sensor is only 9-mm long and has a capacitor that can store up to three months of data, which communicates with your phone to track your levels of sun exposure.

For beach lovers in California, this is a perfect innovation. The following video shows more about the design of L’Oreal UV Sense:

Sleep Aid

It is well known how critical sleep is to our health and productivity. The Dreamlight sleep mask uses light and sound to lull you to sleep. The mask covers your eyes and ears, functioning with Bluetooth technology, to guide your breathing with calming light as well as playing ambient sounds to block out any noise.

In addition, the Dreamlight sleep mask tracks your sleep patterns so you know how good your night’s sleep was. In this tweet, the Twitter user attended CES 2018 and had the opportunity to try one on:

Activity Trackers and Music

As mentioned, wearables are big healthcare innovations at CES 2018 and some of the fitness smartwatches now offer more than just step, calories, and sleep tracking. The new Forerunner GPS from Garmin is now offering music as a feature, with the capability of storing up to 500 songs.

Fitbit and Apple also offer music-storing watches, called the Fitbit Ionic and Apple Watch. You definitely have to pay more for this feature but for fitness fanatics, it is worth it. One major frustration for some fitness smartwatch owners is that the music has to be transferred via a computer or with a subscription to a site like Pandora.