As a person ages, gravity pulls downward on all parts of the body, but the face is where it is most noticeable. When it comes to the eyebrows, they tend to sag over time making the eyelid and eye look smaller and less perky. The eyes are such an important feature, full of expression and character, so wanting them to be bright and happy-appearing is understandable.

So what are your options? You can always try dermal fillers, but they only last around 6 to 9 months. If you opt for an invasive surgical procedure, you are looking at basically two different types of brow lifts as described in the following post:

Brow Lift Cosmetic Surgery: Procedure, Types, Complications, and More

Two Types of Brow Lifts

There are two methods to lift your forehead and eyebrow areas:

Classic lifteyebrows
Endoscopic lift

The classic lift involves one continuous cut beginning at the level of your ears and going up around your hair line. Depending on where your hair line is, the surgeon will work to avoid a visible scar.

For the endoscopic lift, the surgeon makes a few shorter cuts in your scalp. He or she will insert a scope — a small camera on the end of a thin tube — into one of the cuts and use another device inserted in another cut to make the necessary changes.

In the endoscopic lift, the surgeon uses small anchors to secure the tissue. Because the cuts are smaller, this procedure is less invasive than the classic lift. You will have minimal scarring and a shorter recovery time.

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The process for any procedure begins with a consultation appointment between you and the doctor. This is your chance to ask questions and discuss your concerns. It also gives the physician time to go cover how to prepare and what you should expect before, during, and after the surgery. To be a prime candidate for cosmetic surgery, there are a number conditions to keep in mind:

  • If you are in overall good health.
  • If you are between 35 and 60 years old. This doesn’t rule out any ot age group, but statistically speaking those are the prime years.
  • If your skin still has some elasticity, as this helps the body adapt to its new shape.
  • If you are a non-smoker
  • If you have realistic goals.

This video offers a very thorough explanation of the ins and outs of preparing for a cosmetic surgery and whether an eyebrow lift is right for you:


One question that is at the forefront of any elective surgical procedure is how much it will cost. Any cosmetic procedure that isn’t prescribed as a necessity will have to be paid out of pocket. The other big inquiry is about the recovery time. This post covers both:

Brow Lift (Forehead) Got Saggy Eyebrows? Cost, Recovery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average surgeon’s fee for a brow lift in the United States is approximately $3,092. This fee does not include several other costs, such as the anesthesia and the facility fee, which bring the total brow lift cost to about $5,000. Before undergoing a brow lift / forehead lift or any cosmetic procedure, it is important to understand the costs involved to be sure that there will be no hidden surprises. Some surgeons will only quote you their fee, not the total expense. Prior to undergoing the procedure, you’ll need to know the total brow lift cost.

There are three basic fees involved in a brow lift procedure. First, the facility fee pays for the hospital or outpatient surgical procedure where your surgery is Doctorperformed. Next, the anesthesia fee pays for the general anesthetic that is required for patients undergoing a brow lift. Finally, the surgeon’s fee is the amount charged by the surgeon who is performing your brow lift. In addition to these three fees, there are some miscellaneous expenses which may need to be paid separately. These can include items such as medical tests, medications, and post-surgical supplies that you will need during the recovery after brow lift surgery. Ask your surgeon for a complete breakdown of the cost of the brow lift before scheduling the procedure.

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As mentioned, another option is to first try injectable dermal fillers so you can get an idea of how a surgical procedure might change the way your contour looks. They aren’t as long lasting, but will provide a sampling of the results. Also, the cost of a noninvasive procedure isn’t as much since a smaller team is needed and the level of anesthesia required is usually local.