Laser surgery has a definite place with cosmetic procedures. It is used for many techniques, from skin re-surfacing to removal of birthmarks and skin lesions to prep work for hair transplants. When it comes to cosmetic surgery near the eyes, though, there might be a better and safer alternative.

In this article from the Daily North Shore, there are doctors that feel using lasers around the eye is risky and prefer using electrical cautery:

Laser Vs. Electrical Cautery During Eyelid SurgeryEyelid Surgery

The field of cosmetic surgery, or any surgical field for that matter, is always experiencing changes, whether it be through new technologies or scientific breakthroughs. Often times, these innovations are positive: improving the safety and efficacy of the procedure at hand. However, there are times when new technologies are simply a passing fad and may not be as successful as tried and true techniques. There is one newer surgical technique that is said to improve upper and lower eyelid surgery, sometimes referred to as an lower and upper blepharoplasty. This technique utilizes a laser to make precise incisions, so there is reduced bleeding and a potentially shorter recovery time following a lower or upper eyelid procedure.

Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony J. Geroulis, however, prefers to use an electrical cautery for these procedures. While the use of a laser on the external upper eyelid area has been utilized for many years, Dr Geroulis, and many other surgeons, have found that it is safer to use an electrical cautery. This technique also stops the bleeding (meaning there is less bruising during recovery), while doing so in a safer manner.

The safety of the differing techniques comes into play particularly regarding lower eyelid surgery: “With respect to the lower eyelid, the concern has been that even with the protective shield over the eyeball, there is still laser spray and that laser spray to the eye can cause serious vision complications. For this reason I, and many other surgeons, do not use a laser in the eye area for either the upper eyelid surgery or the lower eyelid surgery” explains Dr. Geroulis.

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This video shows before and after pictures of patients who had XEO Laser Genesis surgery with issues from sun damage. redness and scarring.  Even though there are limitations, it does regenerate the skin and provides a radiant complexion.

This is a tweet linked to an article about the use of laser to treat permanent facial filler issues:

Even though there are limitations to laser surgery and all types of cosmetic surgical techniques, it has many uses in the plastic surgery arena. As new advancements are developed, it will be interesting to see if laser surgery is replaced.