Cosmetic surgeries have been increasing over the years at a fairly constant pace, but certain types are growing even more quickly in popularity. The noninvasive types of procedures are expanding rapidly, such as soft tissue fillers and chemical peels. One statistic that may surprise you is the increase in cosmetic procedures for men. What’s even more interesting, though, is the type of surgery that has seen the biggest growth.

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The changing face of cosmetic surgery for men

Cosmetic Surgery for Men


The number of men choosing to go under the knife has risen by over 110% since 2000, with a report from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons indicating that 4,614 men underwent cosmetic surgery in 2015. And that’s just an estimate. The true number will no doubt be much higher, given that many more men are operated on than are recorded by British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The professional society represents only a small proportion of the total cosmetic surgery carried out in the UK.

The male cosmetic procedure that has seen the largest increase, according to British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, is breast reduction surgery. This operation was recently dramatically improved by surgeon Paul Levick, who devised a way of removing breast tissue through tiny wounds in the armpits, that heal with virtually no scar. Before this innovation, surgery would leave an obvious scar on the chest and often some deformity.

Another popular procedure in men is the “nose-job” or rhinoplasty. Although it is relatively straightforward for women, the operation is more difficult and unpredictable on men because their noses have thicker and more oily skin. Other nose procedures, such as reducing the lump on the bridge of the nose (hump reduction), or breaking bones in the nose to make it narrower (infracture) are more straightforward procedures. But both become more complex if they are performed using “open rhinoplasty” techniques. Unfortunately, male rhinoplasty is often associated with body dysmorphic disorder which needs to be ruled out before surgery is performed.


Another widely known procedure, the facelift, is becoming less popular with men as it leaves scars. More fail-safe alternatives include eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), which gives one of the best outcomes in all of male aesthetic surgery and is also a safe, one-off procedure. During blepharoplasty, skin is removed from the upper eyelid and fat is trimmed off before closing the incision with a single stitch. Over time, the scars are barely visible.


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As mentioned above, one of the fastest growing male cosmetic surgeries is breast reduction due to gynecomastia. If you aren’t sure of what this entails, this doctor from Denver provides a good explanation:

Even though plastic surgery has historically been a high percentage of females, some cosmetic surgeons are now catering to the male gender. In the past, most guys just assumed that they were “stuck” with what they were given. The idea that men have the right to feel good about their appearance is opening the doors for more techniques specific to their needs.

This next article highlights a doctor who focuses on mostly male patients and the four body types he offers procedures for:

All men not created equal | Cosmetic Surgery Times

Three years ago, to help drive male business, Dr. Steinbrech created four categories of males on his website: the model (or in Los Angeles, the actor), the athletic dad, the bodybuilder and the CEO/boardroom executive. Each category also lists several recommended procedures.

The ModelMale Model

“The most popular procedure for the model is abdominal sculpting,” Dr. Steinbrech says. “Through hidden incisions, I sculpt the abs and achieve a dramatic reduction of fat to the flanks of the love handles.”


The second most popular procedure is a male model “makeover” that creates a chiseled Superhero jawline via fillers or permanent implants. Of the two, “we usually use fillers to inject into the cheekbone and accentuate the jawline and the chin,” Dr. Steinbrech explains. “I always tell my model patients that every guy has a better-looking ‘twin’ working in Hollywood. That counterpart has slightly higher cheekbones, a little wider jawline and a more projecting chin. By tweaking, we want to create this better-looking twin.”


Dr. Steinbrech says “twin” is the ideal word to convey to patients. “We don’t want the patient to look like someone else,” he explains. “We still want the patient to look like himself and appear natural; in other words, the best-looking version.”


The Athletic Dad


The athletic dad also wants sculpted abs, perhaps along with a stronger chest and some submental liposuction or Kybella (Allergan) to erase a double chin.


The “Daddy Do-Over” is Dr. Steinbrech’s version of the Mommy Makeover that includes liposuction and high-def liposcultping of the abs, love handles and neck. “These patients are now focusing on their jobs and families, so they have sort of let go the body they had in their 20s,” Dr. Steinbrech says.


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As the industry continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how male cosmetic surgeries advance. Not only are there more noninvasive techniques than ever before making it safer and more affordable, but new approaches are constantly emerging. Someday soon achieving that perfect look might be as quick and easy as getting your hair cut.