Cosmetic surgical trends are always interesting news, but this one seems a little more unusual than most — plastic surgery for your pooch. Yes, you read that correctly. Plastic surgery for dogs is on the rise, but the reason for the procedures is different from humans.

Pet plastic surgery has been actually been part of the scene for quite some time now, but for most dogs it is performed due to health reasons, not aesthetic. Many times it can relieve pain and suffering in certain breeds such as Shar-Peis, Pugs, and French Bulldogs.

Shar-Pei-Dog with Wrinkles

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Some of the conditions that are being treated with plastic surgery include:

  • Persistent infections
  • Inability to breathe
  • Eye problems

For example, a dog that has had puppies can have a lot of excess skin due pregnancy, just like with women. However, for a dog, the extra skin can be prone to infections and hygiene problems.

This post discusses a couple more issues that are being treated regularly with cosmetic surgery:

Can I Get My Dog Plastic Surgery?

Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Nose jobs for dogs are one of the most popular of such procedures. Humans primarily have it done for cosmetic reasons, but some dogs would benefit through improved breathing.

There are pets with poor air flow via the nostrils. Plastic surgery could enable a more active lifestyle. There are many such cases where the owner would tell you it was a great thing to do for the dog.

Other procedures include fixing common eye problems. Entropion is a condition whereby the eyelids are turned in. This causes the eyes to water excessively which is annoying and painful for a dog.

Read more here:  Can I Get My Dog Plastic Surgery?Surgical equipment

Of course, there are people who do the surgeries for aesthetic reasons. The most bizarre cosmetic procedure for male dogs is called neuticles and, believe it or not, over a half million pet owners have participated.

Neuticles are implants for a dog that has been neutered to replace his missing testicles. I guess somehow it makes the dog feel more manly again.

Another off-the-wall cosmetic method is orthodonics for dogs. This has actually been going on since the 1980’s and for the most part is to give the dog a more comfortable bite and to save them from poor dental hygiene which can extend their lives.

However, there are people who want their “show dog” to have the perfect “Rin Tin Grin.” The following video talks about some of these unique pet procedures:

If you consider the statistic that it is estimated that pet owners will spend $69 billion on their furry friends this year, it definitely proves that people treat them as part of the family. Even more surprising is that $62 million will be spent on plastic surgery and animal health insurance doesn’t always cover the cost.

So what kind of out-of-pocket expenses are dog owners looking at?  A simple surgery can be as low as $150 but on the opposite extreme it can cost thousands.

This post from the today show highlights this information:

Puppy plastic surgery on pets is a booming business

English Bulldog With Under Bite


Americans will spend an estimated $69 billion on their pets this year, according to the American Pet Products Association. People spent $62 million on plastic surgery for their pets in 2011, per animal insurance company Petplan. Procedures can cost anywhere from $150 to $200 for an eyelid lift to several thousand dollars for more complicated surgeries, Dr. Werber said.

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In a world where 44% of households have a dog and 35% a cat, it is no shock that a lot of money is being spent in this industry. In fact, according to a report by the Washington Post in September of 2016, “Young Americans are less likely to be homeowners, car owners or parents than their predecessors, but they do lead in one category: Pets.”