As the advancements in cosmetic surgery continue, one of the newer techniques involves transferring fat from one area of the body to another.  This is also known as fat grafting, but other names such as liposculpture, lipotransfer, and autologous fat transfer are other common terms. Men are requesting more plastic surgery than ever before, and one of the most asked for procedures is called the Superman Six Pack.

In this article by The National, writer Jennifer Bell describes more about the technique:

‘Superman six-pack’ and ‘side bum’ top cosmetic surgery requests in Dubai | The National

Superman Abs


Men are seeking the latest body-sculpting techniques using a 4-D liposuction procedure that claims to shape and sculpt the entire upper torso.

“I have seen a high number of male patients asking for pectoral implants, bicep implants and calf implants,” Dr Parashar said.

“There are some new procedures that have come to Dubai, such as 4-D liposculpting in which a man can have fat trimmed from arms, chest, tummy and thighs in such a way that the muscle definition is enhanced, and in some cases we remodel the muscle by injecting fat to augment the muscle.”

Dr Toledo said patients often wanted riskier types of surgery, such as dimples or silicone buttock implants, while Vasilica Baltateanu, founder of Vasilica Aesthetics, a plastic surgery consultancy, has received requests that are even more specific.

“I had one patient who actually asked for a nose like Michael Jackson,” she said.

Dubai-based plastic surgeon Dr Matteo Vigo said patients now want a more holistic -approach to enhancing their appearance rather than “knife and stitches”, opting for fat grafting and regenerative medicine using stem cells – a trend that Dr Maurizio Viel and Dr Roberto Viel, of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai, also reported.

“In the cosmetic field, these dormant stem cells are derived from fat and used for facial rejuvenation and to help volumise other areas of the body, including the breast, bottom, penis and face,” they said. “It is a more natural and less invasive approach using the patient’s own stem cells to treat their skin and other indications.”

Read more about these techniques here:  ‘Superman six-pack’ and ‘side bum’ top cosmetic surgery requests in Dubai | The National

This video shows a male patient who opted to have abdominal etching or a sculpted six pack. The doctor uses techniques for body contouring and cellulite reduction by harvesting and then transferring fat to other areas of the body.  His abs look very natural even though they used a sculpting technique to achieve the six pack appearance:

This tweet links to which explains briefly why a man’s skin elasticity lasts longer than a woman’s and how certain body types take to body contouring better than others.  If you click on Other Resources in the right-hand column, the next article goes into much more detail about liposuction and body contouring techniques for men:


Even though the percentage of women requesting plastic surgery is quite a bit higher than men, there are so many new non-invasive techniques that are attracting people from all walks of life.  With fat transfer being a much more natural alternative, it is also less apt to cause problems later on.